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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 25 Crazy Busy Day

Four bootcamps, two meetings, two basketball games. What did I eat? It's a blur. Not really...did not do too badly after all. 4:30 bar (140 cal) plus water water water. 7:00 coffee from Starbucks (130 cal) water water water. 11:00 two cups of kale chips- not kidding (50 cal) . 11:30 chicken and tabouli salad with a square or two of pita (350-400 cal). Paula and I shared a plate from Olive Branch. Paula and I eat lunch together most days after bootcamp and we have decided plate sharing is the way to go. Sharing saves money and calories! 2:15 1/2 bar and another coffee at Starbucks (180 cal) and, you guessed it...water water water. For dinner having more chicken, leftover tabouli and fruit (400 cal). I know I am getting boring with the lack of variety in my diet...working on that for next blog. Don't give up on me! I am still new at this working Mom thing and Everygirlfitness has turned into a full time job. I love doing it and thank you all for letting me have this never boring, always fun job!

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