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Sunday, February 5, 2012

DAY 27 - Orzo is the new Mac-N-Cheese!

Ok, so got a little lip last night at the VCC...met up with about 25 other Mtn Brook couples who are also members of Vestavia Country Club, with us Windles. It was a fun night AND I did not have to blog-although I was still being good and mindful of what I ate. I think that is really the key to this whole blogging thing...think about everything you put in your mouth and decide if it will fuel your fitness or just be empty calories. Ok, enough about that...on to Sunday...

8am Bar (110cal) and water
11am 3 Egg Omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach (no cheese), asparagus spears x 15, strawberries and blackberries (300 cal for the eggs plus another 150 cal or so for the rest)
3pm Bar (110)
5pm Thin Mint cookies x 4 (160 cal)...I blame Cathy T and her sweet daughter who made me buy those cookies from her troop! So yummy...
7pm Hamburger patty (1/4 pound) with mustard (160 cal), orzo 1 cup cooked (200 cal), apple slices (50 cal), and glass of wine (120 cal)

So I compared orzo to mac-n-cheese and the calories in a cup of cooked M and C is 350 to 400 while it is half that amount in the orzo (200 cal). PLUS, there is less fat in orzo and I use mozerella and parmesan instead of yellow cheese. It is so yummy and I recommend that you try substituting it for your pasta next meal. Oh, forgot to mention that I did have a venti skinny vanilla latte after church around noon (140 cal).

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  1. Thin mints, yummy, really? Although I sometimes regret the knowledge, once you really pay attention to the quality of what you eat, i.e., the flavor, the calories, the nutritional value to your body, you may find that the thin mint tastes like wax and isn't really worth ingesting. I'm not saying don't snack, I'm saying try some good quality chocolate and then try a thin mint. Now think about the thin mint that tastes like flavored wax taking the calories you may have allotted for snacking that day. I'd rather have something that truly taste good....and has some benefit. A little dark chocolate does. Sorry girl scouts.