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Saturday, February 11, 2012


We have decided that after 5 weeks of blogging...THE THRILL IS GONE!

Things we have learned about ourselves:

*We eat a lot of the same things over and over.
LESSON LEARNED: More variety is better.

*The hidden calories in dining out is astonishing.
LESSON LEARNED: Split meals, try to eat at home more often, plan ahead.

*Watch out for Starbucks (and any other liquids you are addicted to)
LESSON LEARNED: They just add more calories to your day.

Other things we know or have realized:

*NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU EXERCISE, most women cannot eat whatever they want, whenever they want, for as much as they want. PERIOD. Nor should they...for other health reasons besides weight gain. Think about fueling your body with every bite you take...not
just satisfying a momentary craving.

*Sugar is the devil (not the girl scouts or their cookies) and has to be treated as something that is toxic and addictive. It's in all processed foods, most restaurant dishes, and even in simple condiments like ketchup. Artificial sweeteners just tend to increase your craving for sugar. LIMIT IT OR CUT IT OUT COMPLETELY (empty, non-nutritious, and wasted calories)!!!

Things we have learned about our campers:

*Some of you don't care what we eat (and may even think we are lying).

*Many of you have told us that you are more aware of what you are eating and are keeping up with your calorie intake and calories burned through various methods like My Fitness Pal, etc. We think this is AWESOME...keep it up!

*A lot of you have healthy recipes to share-thank you!!!

On that note, our next six week blog will be about quick and healthy dinners. Please let us know of any recipes that you may have that work for you and your family.

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