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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 23 - Confession of a blogger

This minor omission on my last blog has really bugged me so here is an update. While dining with friends on Sunday night the chips and salsa called my name. Rationalization #1 8 chips and salsa are only 100 cals. Guacamole arrives. Rationalization #2 avocados are a healthy fat. Cheese dip arrives. Rationalization#3 I am here with my friends, I DESERVE some cheese dip. Look, it was really good and I had already blogged for the night. Whew, I feel better.
Today 7am Starbuck's breakfast sandwich (300) All this week they are $2. 10 am Coffee(130). Lunch was Paula's left over lentil soup and a half an apple (230) 3pm almonds and a dark chocolate square (150) I am making a salad for dinner and hubby made chili (not the low-fat one) but must have a little or he will not cook for me anymore. Rationalization#????

DAY 22 - Wagyus have got it good!

What the heck is a Wagyu and why do they have it so good? Wagyus are a type of Japanese cow that are fed beer (along with their normal food) AND get daily massages. Look, I might want to be a Wagyu except for the serving me on a plate thing! Anyway, I didn't eat that on my day to blog (yes, I am late-it was yesterday) but I did eat a another wonderful meal at The Pantry! In fact, it was so good, I picked up something for dinner too. Ok, I am getting ahead of myself.

Breakfast=fruit bar (110 cal)
Snack=english muffin (100 cal) and 1/4 cup blueberries (20 cal)
Lunch=Micro green salad with lentils and quinoa with the lavender shallot dressing (? cal...not sure of the calories but figure it couldn't be much and they were all GOOD ones. I tasted a couple more of their juices (Reload was my favorite) and had a few bites of the soup of the day (chicken veggie wheat pasta-yum). I may have had a taste of the goat milk ice cream too...not sure. LOVED the soup so much that I bought some of it (and another container of lentil soup) for my Mah Jonng friends. Served it with fresh strawberries and kiwi, crostini bread, and the Pantry's blackberry/wine goat cheese. For my friends who have a sweet tooth, bought some dark chocolate with nuts (just a little) to mix in with the almonds.

THANK YOU PANTRY FOR FEEDING ME ALL DAY! Will have to save the Wagyu tasting for another day...

PS-I did have some wine with my BFFs...but not much because you have to think a little when you play my favorite Chinese tile game.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

DAY 21 - Lecture at the Temple today I started my morning with a 1/2 bar (75 cal) and a quick cup of coffee (35 cal) because I was in a hurry to get to church...yes, yes, I know, not enough. Came home and had the turkey roll-up that Paula failed to mention that I made for her yesterday (230 cal)...turkey, spinach, tomatoes, low-fat cream cheese. It was awesome and yummy! Had about 5 vanilla wafers (75 cal) on my way out the door to the Golden Temple for our fitness presentation (that was well attended for the few that came). Oh, forgot...had a banana before the lecture (95 cal) and then went out to dinner with my "hood" group of friends and had a grilled chicken salad with avocados and a glass of wine. Calories on the salad...445 plus another 100 for the avocados on the side. Wine is 120 cal per 4 ounce glass...I am OK with that. Calories for the day...someone do the math for me because my phone is charging and I don't have access to the calculator...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

DAY 20 - Nail Biters, Barn Burners, and Half Pounders

WHEW, it's been a busy day! It began at 615a with a fruit bar and water prior to my Saturday morning run (110 cal). It was a little bit colder than I thought it would be so REALLY needed the vente skinny vanilla latte afterwards (140 cal) and some oatmeal with blueberries (120 cal). Next, it was on to my first of 3 basketball games for the day. Maggie's sweet little 2nd grade team went to regulation time (tied), overtime (tied again) and then overtime with sudden death (first team to score wins). Ok so MB athletics is on a time schedule and has got to get those games over with fast! I am sad to say that the Golden Eagles lost by 2 when it was all said and done. BUT it was nothing that an icee from the Shell couldn't fix. Game 2 - Anna's team won handily so no drama there (30 something to 15 or 16). Lunch was a turkey, spinach, tomato, and low fat cream cheese roll up with black chips and salsa (370 cal). Met Leigh to work on our little presentation for Golden Temple patrons on Sunday (you are all cordially uninvited, by the way...don't need any unnecessary heckling). Mid-afternoon snack was diet coke and trail mix (170 cal). Last game was at Mtn Brook Baptist...Anna's OTM team vs a really big, really physical Moody team. Her group has been together since 3rd grade (she is now 6th) and has not lost a regular season game yet. This team was out to change that. After dropping her off, I ran to Western to grab a snack and a water. Looked long and hard at the Krispy Kreme doughnuts but got a banana instead (Sherry from BWB 915 is my witness!). NEVER NEVER go to the grocery store when you are never know what you will come home with. So, back to basketball...Anna's team went down to the wire with the gals from Moody but ended up preserving their unbeaten record with a win over the blue devils (by 3 points). It was a very exciting game!!! Went to Mudtown for dinner (yes, the Windles like to eat out) and had a cheeseburger, side salad, and glass of wine. I started out with only the top off but soon went to meat and cheese only when I found out the burger was a HALF POUNDER...really, a half of a pound??? Does anyone need that much beef? Calories in a 1/2 pound of hamburger meat is 320. Cheese adds another 100 100 calories (Anna spilled it-thanks Anna-so only got about 2/3s of it). Side salad couldn't have been more than 50 or 60 calories (dressing on the side). Having a little bit more wine now...excuses = it's Saturday and Anna spilled my first glass so need to replace it, maybe? Keep up the blogging! It really does help...saw Joanna B at Mudtown (LP 745 Bootcamp) and she is using My Fitness Pal to track her calories. Says it's working and she no longer finishes her 3 year old's leftovers.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 19 FREE Fries and Coke

Am I Busted? Could I pass up free fries and a coke? I love fries...salty, hot, soft potatoes. What's not to love? So here is the deal. Buy a Hardee's Chicken tender pack and get a free coke and fries. I saw this ad and thought I would investigate further. The Hardee's website actually has a nutrition calculator where you pick menu items and it does the math. I like that! So the free coke and fries will cost you 620 cals. If you add the tenders to that, your meal will be over 1000 calories. So while it may be a cheap meal, your glutes may pay the cost. I think we all know how I feel about the glutes (preserve at all cost). I passed on the Hardee's meal today. Your welcome medius, minimus, and maximus!

7:00 - oatmeal (200) water - water- 10:30 coffee (120) 11:00 grilled chicken on salad greens with fruit and avocado(400) water 3:30 trail mix (175) 6:00 scrambled eggs with a little cheese and spinach (350)

DAY 18 - Finishing it out

My Zoe's lunch was yummy, nutritious, and had enough protein to keep me from being hungry for 3 hours or so. I had a half of banana and piece of cheese around 3pm (right before bootcamp with the teachers at the high school...who, I will have to say, are doing so great!!!). Calories in my snack...maybe 130. My Windle people sometimes like to have breakfast for dinner. So we had eggs, grits, bacon, biscuits, fruit. HOWEVER, I substituted an english muffin for the biscuit, had no cheese in my eggs, and skipped the grits. Instead, I had 2 scrambled eggs (200 cal), the muffin (100), and blueberries (1/4 cup 20 cal). Alright, Alright...I had one piece of bacon too (80 cal). Before bed, I had a small handful of almonds (because we ate a little earlier than usual).

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ok so we are loving all the feedback we are getting from you!  Many of you are using something to keep up with your calories every day (emailing us, my fitness pal, weight watchers, etc) and have had POSITIVE results (check out the comment from Alisha B from BWF 525)!  Keep it up...your hard work WILL pay off and these are permanent lifestyle changes, not just a quick fix!  Now onto my food for the day so far...

430am ANOTHER Bar...fruit flavored this time (110cal)
715am Banana (100) and coffee (140)

I went to BSC today for JUNA and was NOT PREPARED...I was running late trying to get showered and out the door with my little Somalian girl by 715 so I forgot to take a snack.  Ugghhhh broke a bootcamp rule and did not eat anything around 1015 (hungry hungry hungry).  I went by Zoe's and got the grilled chicken pita with fruit on the side (and a diet coke-will catch up on my water though).  I went online to check it out and YAY!!! - Zoes's list their calories.  My lunch was 390 calories.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 17 & Hip Replacement

Well, today was fun! At the 7:45 BC I threw a kick out and came back with a hip injury. I am sure I will be fine but it made me realize how important taking care of yourself is. That is the true reason we workout, eat healthy, have regular check ups, get enough sleep and on and on. We must be preventative verses reactive when it comes to our health. On to the diet. Here goes........ 4:30 1/2 bar (100) 7:00 2 boiled eggs (160) water water.... 10:30 homemade coffee (45) 12:00 cottage cheese (120). Paula and I dropped by the Pantry to pick up a juice. I had the Reload - grapefruit, pineapple, cucumber,spinach, kale, parsley and stevia-and I loved it. The girls that work there came up with about 150 cals tops. Unlike Sherry (if you read her blog she was hungry soon after her juice) I was NOT hungry until dinner. Although it could have been eating the cottage cheese before the juice. Speaking of Sherry, I made her grouper lentil dish she recommended for dinner. So good and around 400 cal. I also had one glass of wine (120). Look be hip hurts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DAY 16 - Kale Chips Corrected

Ok so it seems the Kale Chips were a big hit...several of you asked about the recipe at the Mtn Brook Pres 745 class and Meredith C from CBS even made it for her kids (who loved it by the way!). Leigh asked me to make a quick correction on the directions...apparently, you spin the kale first and then add the oil. Yay, no mess to clean up in your salad spinner!

On to me now...
Atkins Advantage Bar 430am - 140 cal - chocolate chip flavor is my fav and available at Publix.

Mid-morning snack - cappuccino 60 cal, 1/2 english muffin 50 cal, 1/4 cup blueberries 20 cal, 1/8 cup of almonds 85 cal. WOW all that for only 215 calories...I like it! AND, I was full.

Lunch - Chicken veggie soup 105 cal and walnut cranberry salad (premade-also from Publix) 210 cal.

Mid-afternoon snack - 1/2 of a Balance Bar 100 cal and more blueberries 20 cal

Dinner - Tazikis greek salad with chicken...extra feta, extra tomato, dressing on the side. I asked them about the calorie content and once again, another restaurant that doesn't know. That baffles me and I am really beginning to appreciate Panera for sure! They post the calories right on their menu. I ate about 2/3 of the salad and am saving the rest for lunch tomorrow.
Just googled the salad and guess what??? Zoe's has their calorie count online. A greek salad at Zoe's with grilled chicken is 399 calories. I think the ingredients are very similar so I am going with that number plus adding 50 cal for dressing (I had it on the side). I am gonna go with 300 cal on the salad...maybe 350-400 because of the extra feta!

Drank one more coffee...almost forgot...from Starbucks 130 cal plus lots and lots of water and part of a diet coke.

On a side note...everyone did great with Friend or Foe today...a lot of running but so important for a healthy heart!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 15 Kale Chips

Dark leafy greens, dark leafy greens, how does one get enough dark leafy greens? Kale Chips are so good...try this!!!

One bunch of kale (removes stems and tear into bite size pieces)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 teaspoon of sea salt or seasoned salt

Spread kale on top of parchment paper on a cookie tray,drizzle with olive oil. Spin your kale in a salad spinner so it is dry going in the oven. Bake at 350 for 12-15 min. Kale should be as crisp as chips. Sprinkle with salt!! My new favorite veggie. So dinner was 4 oz grilled chicken breast and crispy kale chips. (300)
Feeling spectacularly nutritious!!


DAY 15 - Finally a day I can be proud of!!!

FINALLY Paula's birthday is over and we can all move on with our lives!!!
My life started this morning with tornado sirens, like yours, around 3:30 am. Fortunately, the tornado did not come through our neighborhood this time. We will continue to keep those affected by the storms in our thoughts and prayers. I was pretty happy with myself today...that is rare! I had steel-cut oatmeal with mashed bananas for breakfast (200 cal). Paula, steel cut oatmeal is so much better for you than instant oatmeal because it has more whole grains! REMEMBER, we are trying to be a good example. I also had some good ol' H2o with it (and continued drinking water throughout the day). I had some cottage cheese and a clementine orange for mid-morning snack (125 cal for the cottage cheese and only 35 cal for the orange). Interestingly, Cooking Light reports that a single clementine orange can fulfill as much as half of your daily needs of vitamin C, as well as providing dietary fiber! I also had a grande skinny vanilla latte (130 calories). Went down Five Points South around lunch time to drop off some EGF posters. We are giving a talk this Sunday at 3:30 for the customers of Golden Temple about fitness and how to reach your goals. And, yes, blogging will be mentioned! Right across the street is Surin so we decided to drop in for lunch. I had spicy Thai beef salad. They could not give us the nutritional facts so I googled my salad online and found a similar recipe...salad was approximately 256 cal per serving but I'm going to boost it to 356 since it came from a restaurant and the portion was larger. Carbs were 12g and Protein was 24g-awesome! For afternoon snack, I had an apple and almond butter (nutritious and about 150 cal).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

DAY 14 - Not ANOTHER Birthday Celebration?!?

Yes, it's true! Some people can drag their birthday out for almost a month! I had my last birthday celebration with two of my Auburn friends tonight. BUT, I am happy to report that there was no cake or wine-wow-progress!!! But first, the rest of the day...

Breakfast 730am (up early to catch up on folding clothes before church) - Oatmeal...breakfast of champions! I made mine with 2/3 cup 2% milk and added a few almonds to the top (200 cal). However, you can also make it with water and add fruit instead for less calories and a little bit of a sweeter taste. My favorite is blueberries...just out of them at home. Drank some water and grabbed a diet coke to take with me to Sunday School.

Met with Leigh around 1130am to plan your demise next week (and because it was the only time we could get together because of basketball, dance, basketball, dance, blah blah blah). We, of course, worked out of our Cahaba Heights office and I had a vente skinny vanilla latte and a spinach/feta wrap. Coffee was 140 cal and wrap was 280 and quite tasty (had egg whites and tomatoes in it too).

Late lunch (actually ate it in the gym at MBE while watching yet more basketball) was turkey and 3 bean chili from Whole Foods (saw one of our BWF campers there (Dru J) and her basket was full of ALL the right proud). They didn't have the calories posted and I didn't have time to bug someone to find out so I looked up a recipe on the website (which by the way, is where I find a lot of useful info). They reported a serving of this to be 220 cal. My container was probably 1 1/2 cups (verified by food experts at the game-other moms) so I am estimating calories at 330.

Afternoon snack was cheese stick (70 cal) and quick handful of almonds (100 cal) and then you guessed it, more basketball.

AHHHHH now to dinner...met my friends at Frio in Vestavia. I had the chicken, spinach, tomato quesadilla (on whole wheat tortilla). It also had some mozzarella cheese on it as well and was served with a side salad and black beans. I ate a few bites of the beans and all of the salad plus 2/3 of the quesadilla (and one very light corona). No cake, I repeat, NO CAKE this time (but did get a few more presents-yay!). Total for dinner - Beer-105 cal, salad and beans-less 50 , quesadilla - I am guessing around 400-450 cal. No chips, no cheese dip, no sour cream.

So for those of you counting, my total is around 1700...all good ones except the beer!

Day 13 Winners and Losers

And the winners are..........all the bootcampers who ran the Village to Village Run this morning in the rain!! Way to go girls! Also the Spartanettes ( JH dance team) took 1st place in their division of the state competition!!! Biggest loser? I am because I broke a couple of rules of Everygirlfitness. Major rule #1- eat breakfast - broken. Major rule # 2 - eat every three hours - broken. Excuse #1- had to get the dancer out the door early and forgot to grab a bar or yogurt. Look, there is a lot of drama that comes with dance, hair, make-up, earrings, booty shorts. So I sat from 8:30 to 12:30 drinking water. As soon as the big trophy was awarded to the Spartans, we hit Urban Cookhouse for veggie and chicken quesadilla (500). Getting back on track...I had two baby bells and some grapes a couple of hours later (200).

Dinner was pork loin roasted (200), cucumber, tomato and feta salad (150), wine (130), and one spoonful of the family's mashed potatoes (50??). Also had one more glass on wine(140) and about 10 pistachio nuts(40). Did ya notice my second glass of wine had more calories? I topped it off knowing it was going to be my last one til next weekend.

Friday, January 20, 2012

DAY 12 - Last one!

So I forgot to mention that earlier in the day, one of our 915 campers (Kelli C) gave me some coconut water to try...60 calories, 5 electrolytes, a great replacement after exercising! Another new thing for me...I was a little adventuresome today...I like it! Dinner was "The Mark" at Mafioso in Crestline...grilled veggies and chicken with noodles and pesto sauce. I ate the veggies and chicken and about 1/5 of the noodles! I think my plate was multiplying...more noodles left over but did not bring them home as take out! 1 1/2 glasses of is Friday, by the way!


The suggestion to eat lunch at The Pantry in Cahaba Heights (by Yucatan) was a fabulous one! It is owned by Debra Stone (yes, THAT Debra Stone) and may just be the coolest place ever!!! She opened this location after the holidays and now has everything up and running. She obtains only the best of the best with many of her foods coming from her very own STONE HOLLOW FARMSTEAD in Harpersville. It is a juice bar...smoothie bar...lunch/dinner place...and serves as a perfect spot to buy her delicious jellies and gourmet goat cheeses. She serves only organic fruits and veggies and clean meats. She is collaborating with Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!) to evaluate all of her dishes, juices, and products to determine their calories, fat content, and nutritional value. Leigh went with me and we started out by tasting the 'Organic and Vibrant' juice. It is a combination of romaine hearts, celery, apples, kale, and lemons. It was bright, bright green (think WICKED green) but totally delicious. AND according to Debra, has more calcium than a serving of milk without the fat. And for those of you paying has KALE in it-something new for me. We next sampled her tomato soup (her grandmother's recipe)...also to die for. So fresh and tasty! Lastly, I ordered the OSTRICH salad with quinoa and lentils, served with a roasted shallot vinaigrette with lavender. DELICIOUS - REALLY! Ostrich is like the perfect has 66% less fat than beef, 50% less fat than chicken, only 120 calories per 3 oz serving, more iron than any red meat, and less cholesterol. HOW'S THAT FOR VARIETY WITH A BONUS (kinda like today's workouts...that extra something something at the end). Calories for the salad...around 250. Little to none in the juice and soup and I'm not sure about the smoothie (but it was just a little taste). I'm going to add an extra 100 calories to bring my lunch to 350 because I'm not sure of the other things we sampled. I will definitely be going back soon and get all that info when it is available.
Other, non-exciting things I have had today...grande skinny vanilla latte 130 calories, bar mid-afternoon 110 cal, almonds and a diet coke 150 calories. I am about to go out to dinner with my hubby (no kids until 830pm) and plan to run in the Village 2 Village in the am so may eat a little more for dinner. May have to blog that in the am-sorry leigh!

DAY 12 - Looking for Some Variety!

Good morning! Ok, so some people have accused me of typing a little too much information in my blog (leigh leigh leigh) BUT I will have to say that this whole blogging thing has been so good for me, aside from the calorie counting. I am going to try to eat some new and different things today. My 430 am bar, however, remains the same (peanut butter today-a new flavor-110calories) because that's really all I have time for in the morning. I am home now and decided to have an apple, cheese stick, and a cappuccino. Yes, I know I have eaten this before but I am really learning some things as I double-check calories. The variety is coming for lunch. The MBB 525 gals have suggested a place called the Pantry to try for place, near Yucatan. I am going to give it a try and concentrate on their organic veggies (I tried the brussel sprout recipe and was surprised to learn that they are actually quite tasty). OK, back to the apple and cheese stick. The cheese stick (preferred snack of many, many preschoolers) has 70 calories, 8g protein and essentially no carbs (1 g but translated to 0%-go figure). The apple (med) has 95 calories, 25 g carbs, and high in fiber. Interestingly, the SKIN is where all the good stuff is...the antioxidants, the fiber, and the pectin (which helps us rid our bodies of unwanted toxins). If you remove the skin (or just don't eat it), you MISS OUT on all this but are left with the sweet, yummy inside (and a few less calories). Oh and the cappuccino is 60 glorious calories (which by the way, and contrary to what Katie C at MBB says, I DO NOT drink them before the 525am class!). On a side note, it was great to be outside and we took advantage of the weather and did a little cone to cone running, with a few FUN things on the end. They rocked it!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still My Turn? Day 11

Well, first I would like to be invited to eat at Sherry's for dinner tonight. Did y'all see her post ? Yum! I AGAIN am rushing to pull together a healthy meal. But first here is the afternoon list. Blackberries - (50-60)
Coffee (the inexpensive kind odd people make at home) (40-50) 1 square of dark chocolate (50) just cause. More water but maybe not enough so drinking some now. Dinner will be asparagus (really) smoked salmon (160) (family is having pasta can't blog that now can I) greek salad (a few feta and olive oil cals).
So I love smoked salmon low low carb, high protein and a little healthy fat. And because I know you will call me out on this -   Yes, I am ignoring the sodium in the smoked salmon. Kinda like some people ignore the carbs in their wine. Love Ya, Leigh

My Turn Again?

After reading Paula's in depth reporting of her day yesterday, I thought I would keep mine short and sweet. First thing I ate was a bar this morning (140 cal}. About 7am I had two boiled eggs {160 cal ). I meant to eat some fruit but time got away. Drinking water- working out - drinking water - working out - blah blah blah. Ate lunch at 11:00 - Tuscan chicken soup (Panera makes it 140 cal) and a turkey and avocado sandwich on 12 grain bread.(400). OK, the avocado was about 70 of the 400 but it was so good. A very smart bootcamper (Jennifer H) at 7:45 called us out on not getting enough calories with the extra workouts we do. This is a fact...if you get too few calories your metabolism slows down and that's not good for anybody! On a side note Panera Bread has all the calories listed on their menu board. Impressive for a restaurant that wants you to eat bagels!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Bootcamp with the teachers was great...we were outside on the field in the sunshine (which by the way is coming back on Friday-YAY). Here's the only thing, I didn't have my mat so I made the mistake of doing the deadbug move on the field and the soil was still wet. Brrrrr cold again, wet shirt and you guessed it-more coffee! I think this may be a record for me (3 in one day). Added another 120 calories but did the job of warming me up. Dinner was a Boca burger (tomato basil parmesan)...90 calories and 13g of protein! Awesome because if keeps you full. Also had a generous helping of asparagus(40 cal). Nibbled on a few grapes while I was cooking chicken and pasta for my family (no, I don't always eat what they eat) so total cals for dinner 150. Day over-whew- and still drinking water! Check out these two recipes from Emily F in the 525 BWF class. She served it to her bunco group and it was delicious. Let me know if one of you punches it into your app and figures the calories. I am estimating that the soup recipe, as is, provides 6-8 servings. Emily, correct me if I am wrong!

Broccoli slaw
This recipe is from Leigh Karagas and may be on the Every Girl Fitness Facebook page.
1 pkg broccoli slaw
Kraft Light Toasted Sesame Dressing
Sunflower seeds
Mix all ingredients in salad bowl and serve. Can add chicken to make it more of a meal than a side dish.
Chicken Chili
This recipe, with a few changes, is from Something to Savor, Mountain Brook Baptist Church's new cookbook (see Aimee or Elizabeth if you're interested in the cookbook).
3-4 cups shredded rotisserie chicken (original recipe calls for 2 lg cans shredded chicken)
2 cans chicken broth (I use lower sodium version)
2 cans white beans (white navy beans or I found a can of just "white beans")
1 can hominy
2 small cans diced chilis (go with 1.5 cans if you don't like it spicy)
1 envelope McCormick White Chicken Chili seasoning mix
Mix all ingredients together in a large pot and cover. Bring to low boil, reduce heat, and cook for at least 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
We like our soups and chilis to sit a while, so I keep mine on low for at least an hour, stirring every few minutes. I even make it the night before I want to serve it, bring it to a low boil then turn it off and let it cool before refrigerating to re-heat the next day.
This recipe doubles easily. I increased everything 2.5 times for last night and had plenty left over. I only increased the diced chilis about 2 times, so what I served was slightly less spicy than the recipe above.


My morning had a chilly start but bootcamp was inside, thank goodness, with our friends from the BWF 525am class! I had an Atkins Advantage Bar (140 calories) and a few sips of Diet Coke around 430. Those girls rocked the D Balls and we talked a lot about all the apps available to help you log in your calories and exercise...Leigh and I are so excited that you guys are interested in keeping up with what you eat. Aimee T (from MBP 745) added me as a friend to her My Fitness app and so I can see what she's eating every day. LOVING the accountability we've got going!!! Had a cheese stick (70 cal-great source of calcium and protein) at home around 715 along with 4 oz of Chocolate Milk (75 cal-8 oz is considered a serving). OK...chocolate milk is like the PERFECT drink! It's loaded with good carbs, protein, and many, many vitamins and nutrients. My MBHS Junior's soccer coach recommends that his players drink it after practice, games. Try some if you haven't had it since elementary's yummy too. Ok so was still chilly so made a cappuccino to go (60 cal) to warm me and give me a quick caffeine boost (studies show that coffee speeds up your metabolism too-bonus!). Taught the 745 and then the 915. Those girls...also rocking the balls and I will have to say that I am especially impressed with our new campers that have jumped right in-great job! So at the 915, someone (Sherry J-oops, did I say that) said that maybe, maybe we were not eating enough for 4 workouts a day. On days, when we are leading you guys as a group (and doing everything right there with you), I definitely eat more. On days like today, when we are mainly instructing, I have to pay attention to my calories and not over do it. That being said, I had a fabulous, huge salad with lettuce (106 calories in a whole head!), spinach, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken salad with light berry balsalmic dressing and feta sprinkled on top. I ate probably 90% of it (it covered the whole plate) and am guessing the calories were close to 300 (know the chicken was 110, dressing was 50, feta was 25). Also had a few raspberries just for fun. Mid afternoon snack was grande skinny vanilla latte (starbucks gets all your money) and two pieces of dark chocolate-divine-120 calories in the latte and 70 in the chocolate. I am teaching the BWF teacher this afternoon and plan to do some running with them so I am going to eat half a Think Thin bar before I go with some water (which by the way, I have been drinking all day). The 1/2 bar will add 115 more calories to my day. More later...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day Nine Last Post

The rest of my day went pretty well. After another fun bootcamp (all the EGF trainers find their job really fun) I had half a bar(80) and water. After a basketball game at the JH, I stopped by Whole Foods for a turkey burger. So for dinner it was turkey burger ( no bun) and spring salad. (250 cals) Lastly, I had a bag of 100 cal popcorn. Looking over the day I needed to drink more water and should have eaten more fruit and veggies. Your up P!


OK my turn, and I am determined to make this a great day. Started with greek yogurt (140 cal) and water and more water at Bootcamp. Paula is making me log the 4 sips of coffee with lowfat creamer. We were starving after last bootcamp of the morning so went to Olive Branch again and had their chicken lunch (tabouli - grilled chicken - hummus - one small pita slice-unsweet tea-water). I am calling it 450 cals tops. Just when I thought it could not get any better, Anise F dropped into our "office" and brought us some yummy almonds she found at the local Walgreens. They are creme brulee almonds so they have some sugar. I had 7 (and there are 140 cals in 23 pieces). You do the math...I am too busy logging every bite I take! So total count so far...drum roll please...approximately 750 calories so far (if I am adding correctly).

Day Eight Continued (on day nine-this is becoming a bad habit!)

Day Eight Continued (on day nine-this is becoming a bad habit!)

Ok...I have put this thing off long enough! Day 8 started out fine...back on the 80 of it all...going to get with the program...stay on track...blah blah blah! Look, it is hard to have a January birthday (especially right after the holidays) and I had one more celebration last night with friends! I went to the party/Mah Jonng game without eating dinner (mistake) so I was testing out all the munchies. My friend who hosted did a great job serving us healthy snacks (for the most part). I had 10 or so wheat thins (maybe a pita chip-it's hard to say), fruit, bean dip. But then there was this melted brie appetizer with some type of jelly/jam on top. It was to die for! Of course, I had to have some (it would have been rude, right?). Anyway, as best I can guess, I probably had around 300-350 calories in the food. That doesn't sound too bad...but then there was wine and shoot!, more cake. So after a really, really big glass of wine (told them to make it a good one since I was only having "one") and a piece of chocolate cake, my blogging day was finally over (and my birthday!). Thanks Goodness! Oh I am guessing the wine added another 200-250 calories and the cake, who knows??? I did continue to drink water all day so I improved on that account. NO MORE CAKE FOR ME!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Eight - Back to the 80!

Got up early and had coffee and a peanut butter bar (200 cal) around 6:30. Midmorning snack included a medium apple and a piece of cheese (50 cal for the cheese, 75 cal for the apple). I am drinking lots of water today (had around 40 ounces so far and no diet coke if you can believe it). For lunch, had a stir fry mixture of brown rice, a little bit of thin pasta, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, black beans and a little bit of chicken and egg. I am generously estimating 350 cals for this along with 50 more for the side of fruit. (so 400 total for lunch). Lunch was yummy and it should keep me satisfied for a while because of the fiber and protein in the veggies and meat. Still drinking water and will post snack and dinner later. On a side note, saw Aimee T and Emily F out power walking this am by Overton Park-Go Girls!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day Seven - 80/20 Rule Invoked

Wait, did someone already use that title? While Paula's 20% day was spent at the spa, mine was in my laundry room. The day started with great intentions. Coffee and 2 spinach muffins (200-250). Came back from church starving and had to jump back in car for quick errand. On the go snack-banana and bite of almond butter. O.K. not a bad snack but bananas have a ton of sugar and it started a downward spiral of carbs and sugar. Lunch turned from a turkey sandwich into the whole grain pasta with red sauce (maybe half a piece of pita bread). I am not sure. I have some loss of memory. The serving size on the pasta is 2oz - really, really? Lets just say it was an over 500 cal lunch.
After my massage, oh wait that wasn't me, I did laundry for the rest of the day. There is something about cleaning, laundry, etc that makes me want to snack. Anybody? 4 oreos and a glass of milk later...the milk was not for dunking but to make me feel better about the cookies. There are 55 cals in 1 oreo. Uggghhh. I tried to get back on track with the water intake but was distracted by thinking of ways to get out of blog. My husband made a roast for dinner (thank you John-if only I could have eaten those potatoes and carrots). I had the meat and salad instead. I am drinking water now and planning to get right back on track tomorrow. Still mad about serving size on pasta-2 oz??

Day Six (on day seven) - 80/20 RULE INVOKED!

OK so Saturday was a busy, busy day...getting in my early morning run (preparing for the Village 2 Village Run next Saturday)...sports practices...playdates...a dress for my middle one to wear to her first Bat know, typical Saturday for most of us! And then there is that birthday I had last week! No, it was not the big 5-0 like some one person would have led you to believe BUT one of my gifts was a spa day. So of course, I had to work it in as well! That being said (excuses, excuses), I did not plan my day well and did not eat exactly as I would have liked to...thus the 80/20 Rule! For those who don't remember, the 80/20 rule goes like this...80% of the time, try to eat as cleanly as possible knowing that 20% of the time you may or may not stick to that plan. Well, Saturday was definitely my 20 day. I started out ok-balance bar early, banana and cheese after run-but went downhill after that. I didn't continue to drink my water, didn't plan for lunch, and ended up eating another balance bar around 2 when I left for the spa. At the spa, had water (yay) but then a little champagne (boo) and snacked on some trail mix. Ok, so not too bad, you are thinking, but it goes more downhill after that. For dinner, I had grilled tuna, cheese risotto, green beans, and salad-a fabulous meal except for the cheese risotto. Still not that bad. But wait, dessert. And not just one dessert. Two (shared with friends)...chocolate lava cake and apple fritter with ice cream. Delicious! And of course, wine before, during, and after dinner. It was a wonderful day (including the morning chaos) and was topped off by a fabulous dinner with friends! BUT, it is not a day I can or should repeat on a regular basis. SO, back to the 80 of it!!! On a side note, I am like a proud grandmother with you bootcampers and get so excited when I see you out running, walking, etc (I swear, if I had a brag book of photos, I would probably be showing it around at parties!). So here it goes, a little recognition for those of you I saw working on your fitness in the 'hood!!!

*Evelyn G, Amy T, Aimee T, Claire T, Tracy J - running their 6 miler on Saturday (brutal hills and all)
*Amy R and friend, Linda P - power walking and working those hills on East Briarcliff
*Taylor D (and dog), Julie G - tearing up the sidewalks near Mtn Brook Pres
*Tracy J - doing those Jillian videos (love that self motivation)
*Lucia T - soccer training at MBE (with my daughter and multiple others) and not just coaching but doing the drills with them
*Pam A - enjoying time with her family doing the X Box Dance Party and getting in an awesome cardio workout as well

Ok, I am sure there are others...I just didn't see you this time but will be on the lookout for you!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 5 - Where you been, Kathleen?

Diet 1/13/12
*Post boot camp breakfast:
1 egg 2 egg whites omelet with spinach & a little salsa on top-it's good & lots of flavor - 1 piece whole wheat sandwich thin with a little honey (good carbs & fat) - 2 cups coffee with low fat milk
**already drank 24 oz water at and after boot camp

*10:00 snack-goldbar and ff milk

**24 oz water

**wasa crisp bread, hummus, boars head turkey, small baby bel cheese and a pickle-craving salt! (was with my mom all afternoon so had to do a quick & easy lunch-would usually try to have veggies too!)
* 20 oz water

*snacked on a few pita chips and cottage cheese - too soon after lunch because I let myself get too hungry! Always be prepared & don't skip meals.

* dinner will be baked chicken breasts and steamed broccoli - maybe half a sweet potatoe for extra energy in morning workout.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 4- Last Post

What did I say about liquid calories? 1:30 Tall skinny at Starbucks. 120 cals. Excuse number one- had a EGF meeting there and it was really really cold. 5:30 apple 100 cals. 6:30 Pork Tenderloin, brussels sprouts, one serving of mac and cheese. Excuse number two - whole grain pasta, 2% cheese, was really, really hungry. I am not sure what the calories added up to be for dinner but I certainly can see where all my extra cals come from. And thanks to Linda and Rhonda for the sprouts recipe!!

Day Four - Leigh's Up

My first thought is "who the heck decided we should do this" because now all I think about is what I am going to eat. Today so far - 4:45 half a bar. Think Thin - high in protein/ carbs 100 cals 7:00 2 spinach muffins (homemade recipe on website) 160 cals 9:00 Starbucks skinny latte and half bar 230 12:00 chicken veg soup and spinach salad lite dressing with 2 whole wheat crackers (350 - 375) O.K that's a lot of calories. If I didn't have 4 classes today I might be in trouble. But it reminds me I need to watch the liquid calories...aka Starbucks coffee.

OK so NOT trying to butt in on Leigh's day to blog but wanted to share this smoothie recipe with you from one of our campers...the calories are approximately 550. That sounds like a lot so you could use it as a meal replacement or get creative and figure out ways to lower the calories (ie skim milk or almond milk, omit or reduce the walnuts, use 1/2 banana instead of a whole, drink half and save half for later, etc). Get gals are smart! Let us know what you come up with!

Breakfast Smoothie

Put in the blender in this order:

¼ cup walnuts

¼-1/2 cup greek yogurt

1 T. honey or to tast

Dash of salt

Shake or two of cinnamon (optional)

Capful of vanilla extract (optional)

1 banana

½ cup frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc)

¼ cup milk

Splash OJ (optional)

Blend for a few minutes until smooth. You may have to stop the blender and push the fruit down and continue blending.

Make it your own:

Add a handful of spinach leaves or carrots.

Use Unsweetened Almond Milk (50% more calcium and fewer calories)

Try some other frozen fruit: peaches, blackberries, cherries

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ok so Little Caesar's Pizza is so convenient when you need to grab something quick for dinner for the kids! I went in to buy a cheese pizza only but somehow came out with an order of those cheesy breadsticks too (something about a special...). Couldn't stand it and had to have one. They are pretty good but look, it was all for you guys. I was on my way to a kickboxing class at the Y...trying to learn some new moves to keep you girls happy in the winter. So I guess, really, it's all your fault (at least that's what I am going with)! Finished out the day with Tuscan Style Chicken Soup (got it from Costco-Panera Brand), yogurt, and a banana-about 300 more calories. And of course, more water!

Day Three...continues...

OK so there are a few naysayers (sp?) out there who are doubting my food journal...after the 10:15 class, I had a Venti skinny vanilla latte and a handful of trail mix (yes, with the M&Ms)! Ok so here's the thing, I drink water like crazy...all day long. By 10:30, I had already had around 55 ounces of water. For those who actually read our emails, you may recall that dehydration can sometimes mask itself as simple terms (for Leigh), sometimes when you are hungry, you are really only thirsty (and already dehydrated and just don't know it). SOOOOO, by staying on top of the water situation, I stay ahead of the hunger thing. Leigh and I went to Urban Cookhouse for lunch and it was awesome. We are now best friends with the manager, Jodi, and she was nice enough to figure the calories in my lunch. I ordered the veggie quesadilla (again, sp?) and added grilled chicken to it! It was so delicious and with cheese, veggies, chicken and this fabulous (spicy) sauce, was around 500 calories-good calories-and that included 3 slices of avocado (such a great fat to add to your diet). It was so pretty, I took pictures of it with my phone (and also of Leigh's fab salad). When my teenager gets home from school, I will hopefully figure out how to post the photos! More water now and a few slices of apples (just to stay on that whole "eating something every 3 hours" thing).


my birthday yesterday without eating any more birthday cake (mostly because my kiddos ate it all!). Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes ( and no, I am not 50 just yet ). I ate my usual honey peanut balance bar this morning around 4:30 (200 cal, nice balance of protein and carbs). There was a lot of talk this morning at the BWF 5:25am class about brussel sprouts and santa fe soup! If you have a favorite recipe, post it on Facebook or comment here on the blog to share it. About to eat an apple and a piece of cheese (pairing a protein with a good carb-around 150 cal or so)...keeping that metabolism going by eating small portions every 3 hours.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2

Late blog because of crazy day. I apologize to all waiting for my food journal today.(Paula and my mother) 4:30 am- a couple bites of greek yogurt 7:00 am - rest of yogurt- couple blueberries and a tandelo (about 200 cal) 9:00 am - half of bar (60 cal) I have had about to bottles of water by now. 12:00 Lunch with my sweet friend Christa at Olive Branch- Chicken plate- Grilled chicken, hummus 1 piece of pita bread (wanted more but had to blog) Tabouli salad with feta (the only way to eat tobouli salad) a couple bites of rice.(wanted more knew I had to blog). I am guessing lunch was about 500 - 600 cals. Drank water because you guessed it-knew I had to blog. 3:00 Babybell cheese lite (80) Another water during afternoon class. It gets a little tricky here. Came in from teaching Claire and all her friends bootcamp and my husband John had made a homemade pizza. It was thin crust all veggie pizza- wanted to resist but could not. I ate two smallish squares. Not sure how many calories but it was good! What do you think? (300-400) 8:30 - just got in from a basketball game and about to get a small spinach salad with lite dressing. Don't you actually burn calories by chewing spinach? I'm going with that! Leigh

Monday, January 9, 2012

Last and baby belle cheese for snack around 3:30 for snack. Could not resist...also had 3 bites of my birthday cake (from yesterday...pre-blogging). Santa Fe Soup and salad for dinner...maybe a glass of wine in honor of the TIDE...I'm not sure...
3 Bootcamps later (yay! the rain held off), and we are at our office (Starbucks) where I had a VENTI skinny vanilla latte (around 140 calories) and 1/2 ounces of almonds. The almonds were around 7 grams of fat, but it's the good kind, and 90 calories (good balance of protein and carbs).
Leftover lunch from dinner last night...around 5 ounces of grilled chicken (250 calories), 3 spears of asparagus (only 14 calories per 4-are ya kidding me??), some tomato and a little feta crumbled on top (yum around 25 calories for the feta and it just makes everything taste good). Need the caffeine so still drinking a little diet coke (around 8 ounces). Water count is at 42 ounces right now! Still have to drink water even though it is not hot out.

Day One of EGF Trainer Blogging...

and I'm the lucky girl! I started my day at 4:30am and had a Yogurt Honey Peanut Balance Bar (200 cal, 15 g protein, 22g carb) and 8 oz of good ol' H2O. Then it was on to 5:25am Bootcamp with our friends at Mtn Brook Baptist-great group of girls, great workout (drank 17 oz water during that hour). Really want a taste of chocolate cake (it's on my kitchen counter, homemade icing and all) but having a medium sized banana instead-approximately 90 calories-and a quick sip of diet coke (need the caffeine, driving elementary school carpool). More later...this is Paula by the way!