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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 26 What's Up With The Goats?

After another visit to The Pantry, I started wondering about the whole goat cheese craze. What is the deal? I started my research (googled it) and found out that goat's milk compared to cow's milk is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. SOLD! Use goat cheese instead of cream cheese in any dish, or on a bagel, or cracker. Chevre is french for goat...officially the name should refer to only french goats but is often applied to any ol' goat. Having said that I did not have any goat cheese today. Instead, I struggled with my E.T.A.C. (eating to avoid cleaning) problem. Come on...I know I am not the only one. Give me a shout out if you are with me on this!
I am making progress though. 7:00 - yogurt and toasted whole wheat bread with cheese (250), coffee(50). Another coffee(50) and then at 10:30 chips and salsa (150) ?? 11:30- strawberries and blackberries (60) turkey rolled up with cheese(200) sometime later dark chocolate square(50) wine (130) Dinner was supposed to be stir fry but it was pouring rain and I opted out of the grocery store visit. Had pork loin, salad, peas and a couple of bites of potatoes (500-600) Maybe having another glass of wine(130). Alot of calories today but my house is clean...well cleaner.

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