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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day Seven - 80/20 Rule Invoked

Wait, did someone already use that title? While Paula's 20% day was spent at the spa, mine was in my laundry room. The day started with great intentions. Coffee and 2 spinach muffins (200-250). Came back from church starving and had to jump back in car for quick errand. On the go snack-banana and bite of almond butter. O.K. not a bad snack but bananas have a ton of sugar and it started a downward spiral of carbs and sugar. Lunch turned from a turkey sandwich into the whole grain pasta with red sauce (maybe half a piece of pita bread). I am not sure. I have some loss of memory. The serving size on the pasta is 2oz - really, really? Lets just say it was an over 500 cal lunch.
After my massage, oh wait that wasn't me, I did laundry for the rest of the day. There is something about cleaning, laundry, etc that makes me want to snack. Anybody? 4 oreos and a glass of milk later...the milk was not for dunking but to make me feel better about the cookies. There are 55 cals in 1 oreo. Uggghhh. I tried to get back on track with the water intake but was distracted by thinking of ways to get out of blog. My husband made a roast for dinner (thank you John-if only I could have eaten those potatoes and carrots). I had the meat and salad instead. I am drinking water now and planning to get right back on track tomorrow. Still mad about serving size on pasta-2 oz??

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