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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 2

Late blog because of crazy day. I apologize to all waiting for my food journal today.(Paula and my mother) 4:30 am- a couple bites of greek yogurt 7:00 am - rest of yogurt- couple blueberries and a tandelo (about 200 cal) 9:00 am - half of bar (60 cal) I have had about to bottles of water by now. 12:00 Lunch with my sweet friend Christa at Olive Branch- Chicken plate- Grilled chicken, hummus 1 piece of pita bread (wanted more but had to blog) Tabouli salad with feta (the only way to eat tobouli salad) a couple bites of rice.(wanted more knew I had to blog). I am guessing lunch was about 500 - 600 cals. Drank water because you guessed it-knew I had to blog. 3:00 Babybell cheese lite (80) Another water during afternoon class. It gets a little tricky here. Came in from teaching Claire and all her friends bootcamp and my husband John had made a homemade pizza. It was thin crust all veggie pizza- wanted to resist but could not. I ate two smallish squares. Not sure how many calories but it was good! What do you think? (300-400) 8:30 - just got in from a basketball game and about to get a small spinach salad with lite dressing. Don't you actually burn calories by chewing spinach? I'm going with that! Leigh

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  1. Actually, not that interested in what you ate but are a little worried about your spelling, grammar...