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Monday, January 23, 2012

DAY 15 - Finally a day I can be proud of!!!

FINALLY Paula's birthday is over and we can all move on with our lives!!!
My life started this morning with tornado sirens, like yours, around 3:30 am. Fortunately, the tornado did not come through our neighborhood this time. We will continue to keep those affected by the storms in our thoughts and prayers. I was pretty happy with myself today...that is rare! I had steel-cut oatmeal with mashed bananas for breakfast (200 cal). Paula, steel cut oatmeal is so much better for you than instant oatmeal because it has more whole grains! REMEMBER, we are trying to be a good example. I also had some good ol' H2o with it (and continued drinking water throughout the day). I had some cottage cheese and a clementine orange for mid-morning snack (125 cal for the cottage cheese and only 35 cal for the orange). Interestingly, Cooking Light reports that a single clementine orange can fulfill as much as half of your daily needs of vitamin C, as well as providing dietary fiber! I also had a grande skinny vanilla latte (130 calories). Went down Five Points South around lunch time to drop off some EGF posters. We are giving a talk this Sunday at 3:30 for the customers of Golden Temple about fitness and how to reach your goals. And, yes, blogging will be mentioned! Right across the street is Surin so we decided to drop in for lunch. I had spicy Thai beef salad. They could not give us the nutritional facts so I googled my salad online and found a similar recipe...salad was approximately 256 cal per serving but I'm going to boost it to 356 since it came from a restaurant and the portion was larger. Carbs were 12g and Protein was 24g-awesome! For afternoon snack, I had an apple and almond butter (nutritious and about 150 cal).

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