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Saturday, January 28, 2012

DAY 20 - Nail Biters, Barn Burners, and Half Pounders

WHEW, it's been a busy day! It began at 615a with a fruit bar and water prior to my Saturday morning run (110 cal). It was a little bit colder than I thought it would be so REALLY needed the vente skinny vanilla latte afterwards (140 cal) and some oatmeal with blueberries (120 cal). Next, it was on to my first of 3 basketball games for the day. Maggie's sweet little 2nd grade team went to regulation time (tied), overtime (tied again) and then overtime with sudden death (first team to score wins). Ok so MB athletics is on a time schedule and has got to get those games over with fast! I am sad to say that the Golden Eagles lost by 2 when it was all said and done. BUT it was nothing that an icee from the Shell couldn't fix. Game 2 - Anna's team won handily so no drama there (30 something to 15 or 16). Lunch was a turkey, spinach, tomato, and low fat cream cheese roll up with black chips and salsa (370 cal). Met Leigh to work on our little presentation for Golden Temple patrons on Sunday (you are all cordially uninvited, by the way...don't need any unnecessary heckling). Mid-afternoon snack was diet coke and trail mix (170 cal). Last game was at Mtn Brook Baptist...Anna's OTM team vs a really big, really physical Moody team. Her group has been together since 3rd grade (she is now 6th) and has not lost a regular season game yet. This team was out to change that. After dropping her off, I ran to Western to grab a snack and a water. Looked long and hard at the Krispy Kreme doughnuts but got a banana instead (Sherry from BWB 915 is my witness!). NEVER NEVER go to the grocery store when you are never know what you will come home with. So, back to basketball...Anna's team went down to the wire with the gals from Moody but ended up preserving their unbeaten record with a win over the blue devils (by 3 points). It was a very exciting game!!! Went to Mudtown for dinner (yes, the Windles like to eat out) and had a cheeseburger, side salad, and glass of wine. I started out with only the top off but soon went to meat and cheese only when I found out the burger was a HALF POUNDER...really, a half of a pound??? Does anyone need that much beef? Calories in a 1/2 pound of hamburger meat is 320. Cheese adds another 100 100 calories (Anna spilled it-thanks Anna-so only got about 2/3s of it). Side salad couldn't have been more than 50 or 60 calories (dressing on the side). Having a little bit more wine now...excuses = it's Saturday and Anna spilled my first glass so need to replace it, maybe? Keep up the blogging! It really does help...saw Joanna B at Mudtown (LP 745 Bootcamp) and she is using My Fitness Pal to track her calories. Says it's working and she no longer finishes her 3 year old's leftovers.

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