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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still My Turn? Day 11

Well, first I would like to be invited to eat at Sherry's for dinner tonight. Did y'all see her post ? Yum! I AGAIN am rushing to pull together a healthy meal. But first here is the afternoon list. Blackberries - (50-60)
Coffee (the inexpensive kind odd people make at home) (40-50) 1 square of dark chocolate (50) just cause. More water but maybe not enough so drinking some now. Dinner will be asparagus (really) smoked salmon (160) (family is having pasta can't blog that now can I) greek salad (a few feta and olive oil cals).
So I love smoked salmon low low carb, high protein and a little healthy fat. And because I know you will call me out on this -   Yes, I am ignoring the sodium in the smoked salmon. Kinda like some people ignore the carbs in their wine. Love Ya, Leigh

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