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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day Three...continues...

OK so there are a few naysayers (sp?) out there who are doubting my food journal...after the 10:15 class, I had a Venti skinny vanilla latte and a handful of trail mix (yes, with the M&Ms)! Ok so here's the thing, I drink water like crazy...all day long. By 10:30, I had already had around 55 ounces of water. For those who actually read our emails, you may recall that dehydration can sometimes mask itself as simple terms (for Leigh), sometimes when you are hungry, you are really only thirsty (and already dehydrated and just don't know it). SOOOOO, by staying on top of the water situation, I stay ahead of the hunger thing. Leigh and I went to Urban Cookhouse for lunch and it was awesome. We are now best friends with the manager, Jodi, and she was nice enough to figure the calories in my lunch. I ordered the veggie quesadilla (again, sp?) and added grilled chicken to it! It was so delicious and with cheese, veggies, chicken and this fabulous (spicy) sauce, was around 500 calories-good calories-and that included 3 slices of avocado (such a great fat to add to your diet). It was so pretty, I took pictures of it with my phone (and also of Leigh's fab salad). When my teenager gets home from school, I will hopefully figure out how to post the photos! More water now and a few slices of apples (just to stay on that whole "eating something every 3 hours" thing).

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