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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


my birthday yesterday without eating any more birthday cake (mostly because my kiddos ate it all!). Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes ( and no, I am not 50 just yet ). I ate my usual honey peanut balance bar this morning around 4:30 (200 cal, nice balance of protein and carbs). There was a lot of talk this morning at the BWF 5:25am class about brussel sprouts and santa fe soup! If you have a favorite recipe, post it on Facebook or comment here on the blog to share it. About to eat an apple and a piece of cheese (pairing a protein with a good carb-around 150 cal or so)...keeping that metabolism going by eating small portions every 3 hours.


  1. Good to be back this a.m. I'm sure I will feel it later. I have no idea what a balance bar is, but so far today I have walked past the candy dish in my kitchen without stopping twice. Surely that should count for something. And I am on my second unsweetened iced tea of the day. (Hydration! See, sometimes I am listening.)

  2. Way to go, NOLA!!! I like your disdain for the candy dish!