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Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Turn Again?

After reading Paula's in depth reporting of her day yesterday, I thought I would keep mine short and sweet. First thing I ate was a bar this morning (140 cal}. About 7am I had two boiled eggs {160 cal ). I meant to eat some fruit but time got away. Drinking water- working out - drinking water - working out - blah blah blah. Ate lunch at 11:00 - Tuscan chicken soup (Panera makes it 140 cal) and a turkey and avocado sandwich on 12 grain bread.(400). OK, the avocado was about 70 of the 400 but it was so good. A very smart bootcamper (Jennifer H) at 7:45 called us out on not getting enough calories with the extra workouts we do. This is a fact...if you get too few calories your metabolism slows down and that's not good for anybody! On a side note Panera Bread has all the calories listed on their menu board. Impressive for a restaurant that wants you to eat bagels!

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