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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DAY 16 - Kale Chips Corrected

Ok so it seems the Kale Chips were a big hit...several of you asked about the recipe at the Mtn Brook Pres 745 class and Meredith C from CBS even made it for her kids (who loved it by the way!). Leigh asked me to make a quick correction on the directions...apparently, you spin the kale first and then add the oil. Yay, no mess to clean up in your salad spinner!

On to me now...
Atkins Advantage Bar 430am - 140 cal - chocolate chip flavor is my fav and available at Publix.

Mid-morning snack - cappuccino 60 cal, 1/2 english muffin 50 cal, 1/4 cup blueberries 20 cal, 1/8 cup of almonds 85 cal. WOW all that for only 215 calories...I like it! AND, I was full.

Lunch - Chicken veggie soup 105 cal and walnut cranberry salad (premade-also from Publix) 210 cal.

Mid-afternoon snack - 1/2 of a Balance Bar 100 cal and more blueberries 20 cal

Dinner - Tazikis greek salad with chicken...extra feta, extra tomato, dressing on the side. I asked them about the calorie content and once again, another restaurant that doesn't know. That baffles me and I am really beginning to appreciate Panera for sure! They post the calories right on their menu. I ate about 2/3 of the salad and am saving the rest for lunch tomorrow.
Just googled the salad and guess what??? Zoe's has their calorie count online. A greek salad at Zoe's with grilled chicken is 399 calories. I think the ingredients are very similar so I am going with that number plus adding 50 cal for dressing (I had it on the side). I am gonna go with 300 cal on the salad...maybe 350-400 because of the extra feta!

Drank one more coffee...almost forgot...from Starbucks 130 cal plus lots and lots of water and part of a diet coke.

On a side note...everyone did great with Friend or Foe today...a lot of running but so important for a healthy heart!!!


  1. After a conversation with Leigh at the 9:15 class today, curiosity drew me to The Pantry to try juicing. I don't remember the name of the juice but it involved lemon, kale, hearts of romaine, apple and celery. Imagine crunching on a piece of celery you have just dunked in lemon juice, without the crunch of course. It was okay. I'm not sure where to place a juice in my diet. I don't think it's a substitute for a meal because an hour later at noon I was starving. I tried something called, "the spice of your life", really liked that one, a bit more substantial than the other. Anyway, It's always a good thing to expand your horizons. Thanks Leigh! Sherry

  2. Just wanted to give a wonderful update...I have now lost 4 pounds offically!! Yea go me.. go me.. All thanks to the wonderful idea yall have created with blogging and being accountable for everything we eat. It really does work!! P.S. loving the FREE application my fitness pal. It is awesome! If ya'll or anyone decides to join request me as a friend: my username is abobo27 and we can be accountability friends.