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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Ok so we are loving all the feedback we are getting from you!  Many of you are using something to keep up with your calories every day (emailing us, my fitness pal, weight watchers, etc) and have had POSITIVE results (check out the comment from Alisha B from BWF 525)!  Keep it up...your hard work WILL pay off and these are permanent lifestyle changes, not just a quick fix!  Now onto my food for the day so far...

430am ANOTHER Bar...fruit flavored this time (110cal)
715am Banana (100) and coffee (140)

I went to BSC today for JUNA and was NOT PREPARED...I was running late trying to get showered and out the door with my little Somalian girl by 715 so I forgot to take a snack.  Ugghhhh broke a bootcamp rule and did not eat anything around 1015 (hungry hungry hungry).  I went by Zoe's and got the grilled chicken pita with fruit on the side (and a diet coke-will catch up on my water though).  I went online to check it out and YAY!!! - Zoes's list their calories.  My lunch was 390 calories.

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  1. I joined Calorie King and have lost 5 pounds since Christmas by counting calories and holding myself accountable for everything I eat! I love it and am really enjoying reading what you eat!!