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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 17 & Hip Replacement

Well, today was fun! At the 7:45 BC I threw a kick out and came back with a hip injury. I am sure I will be fine but it made me realize how important taking care of yourself is. That is the true reason we workout, eat healthy, have regular check ups, get enough sleep and on and on. We must be preventative verses reactive when it comes to our health. On to the diet. Here goes........ 4:30 1/2 bar (100) 7:00 2 boiled eggs (160) water water.... 10:30 homemade coffee (45) 12:00 cottage cheese (120). Paula and I dropped by the Pantry to pick up a juice. I had the Reload - grapefruit, pineapple, cucumber,spinach, kale, parsley and stevia-and I loved it. The girls that work there came up with about 150 cals tops. Unlike Sherry (if you read her blog she was hungry soon after her juice) I was NOT hungry until dinner. Although it could have been eating the cottage cheese before the juice. Speaking of Sherry, I made her grouper lentil dish she recommended for dinner. So good and around 400 cal. I also had one glass of wine (120). Look be hip hurts.

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