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Sunday, January 29, 2012

DAY 21 - Lecture at the Temple today I started my morning with a 1/2 bar (75 cal) and a quick cup of coffee (35 cal) because I was in a hurry to get to church...yes, yes, I know, not enough. Came home and had the turkey roll-up that Paula failed to mention that I made for her yesterday (230 cal)...turkey, spinach, tomatoes, low-fat cream cheese. It was awesome and yummy! Had about 5 vanilla wafers (75 cal) on my way out the door to the Golden Temple for our fitness presentation (that was well attended for the few that came). Oh, forgot...had a banana before the lecture (95 cal) and then went out to dinner with my "hood" group of friends and had a grilled chicken salad with avocados and a glass of wine. Calories on the salad...445 plus another 100 for the avocados on the side. Wine is 120 cal per 4 ounce glass...I am OK with that. Calories for the day...someone do the math for me because my phone is charging and I don't have access to the calculator...

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