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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 23 - Confession of a blogger

This minor omission on my last blog has really bugged me so here is an update. While dining with friends on Sunday night the chips and salsa called my name. Rationalization #1 8 chips and salsa are only 100 cals. Guacamole arrives. Rationalization #2 avocados are a healthy fat. Cheese dip arrives. Rationalization#3 I am here with my friends, I DESERVE some cheese dip. Look, it was really good and I had already blogged for the night. Whew, I feel better.
Today 7am Starbuck's breakfast sandwich (300) All this week they are $2. 10 am Coffee(130). Lunch was Paula's left over lentil soup and a half an apple (230) 3pm almonds and a dark chocolate square (150) I am making a salad for dinner and hubby made chili (not the low-fat one) but must have a little or he will not cook for me anymore. Rationalization#????

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