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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My morning had a chilly start but bootcamp was inside, thank goodness, with our friends from the BWF 525am class! I had an Atkins Advantage Bar (140 calories) and a few sips of Diet Coke around 430. Those girls rocked the D Balls and we talked a lot about all the apps available to help you log in your calories and exercise...Leigh and I are so excited that you guys are interested in keeping up with what you eat. Aimee T (from MBP 745) added me as a friend to her My Fitness app and so I can see what she's eating every day. LOVING the accountability we've got going!!! Had a cheese stick (70 cal-great source of calcium and protein) at home around 715 along with 4 oz of Chocolate Milk (75 cal-8 oz is considered a serving). OK...chocolate milk is like the PERFECT drink! It's loaded with good carbs, protein, and many, many vitamins and nutrients. My MBHS Junior's soccer coach recommends that his players drink it after practice, games. Try some if you haven't had it since elementary's yummy too. Ok so was still chilly so made a cappuccino to go (60 cal) to warm me and give me a quick caffeine boost (studies show that coffee speeds up your metabolism too-bonus!). Taught the 745 and then the 915. Those girls...also rocking the balls and I will have to say that I am especially impressed with our new campers that have jumped right in-great job! So at the 915, someone (Sherry J-oops, did I say that) said that maybe, maybe we were not eating enough for 4 workouts a day. On days, when we are leading you guys as a group (and doing everything right there with you), I definitely eat more. On days like today, when we are mainly instructing, I have to pay attention to my calories and not over do it. That being said, I had a fabulous, huge salad with lettuce (106 calories in a whole head!), spinach, cucumber, tomato, grilled chicken salad with light berry balsalmic dressing and feta sprinkled on top. I ate probably 90% of it (it covered the whole plate) and am guessing the calories were close to 300 (know the chicken was 110, dressing was 50, feta was 25). Also had a few raspberries just for fun. Mid afternoon snack was grande skinny vanilla latte (starbucks gets all your money) and two pieces of dark chocolate-divine-120 calories in the latte and 70 in the chocolate. I am teaching the BWF teacher this afternoon and plan to do some running with them so I am going to eat half a Think Thin bar before I go with some water (which by the way, I have been drinking all day). The 1/2 bar will add 115 more calories to my day. More later...

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  1. I'm inspired by your food blogging. I believe that once the first step toward fitness is taken, I.e., your class, the rest will follow the desire to enhance the hard work of the exercise with some form of diet change. So tonight's dinner will be a 4 oz. portion of grilled black grouper on a bed of puy lentils with roasted vegetables.
    Okay I'll still have two, not one glasses of wine but it's a start! Thanks for the inspiration.