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Sunday, January 22, 2012

DAY 14 - Not ANOTHER Birthday Celebration?!?

Yes, it's true! Some people can drag their birthday out for almost a month! I had my last birthday celebration with two of my Auburn friends tonight. BUT, I am happy to report that there was no cake or wine-wow-progress!!! But first, the rest of the day...

Breakfast 730am (up early to catch up on folding clothes before church) - Oatmeal...breakfast of champions! I made mine with 2/3 cup 2% milk and added a few almonds to the top (200 cal). However, you can also make it with water and add fruit instead for less calories and a little bit of a sweeter taste. My favorite is blueberries...just out of them at home. Drank some water and grabbed a diet coke to take with me to Sunday School.

Met with Leigh around 1130am to plan your demise next week (and because it was the only time we could get together because of basketball, dance, basketball, dance, blah blah blah). We, of course, worked out of our Cahaba Heights office and I had a vente skinny vanilla latte and a spinach/feta wrap. Coffee was 140 cal and wrap was 280 and quite tasty (had egg whites and tomatoes in it too).

Late lunch (actually ate it in the gym at MBE while watching yet more basketball) was turkey and 3 bean chili from Whole Foods (saw one of our BWF campers there (Dru J) and her basket was full of ALL the right proud). They didn't have the calories posted and I didn't have time to bug someone to find out so I looked up a recipe on the website (which by the way, is where I find a lot of useful info). They reported a serving of this to be 220 cal. My container was probably 1 1/2 cups (verified by food experts at the game-other moms) so I am estimating calories at 330.

Afternoon snack was cheese stick (70 cal) and quick handful of almonds (100 cal) and then you guessed it, more basketball.

AHHHHH now to dinner...met my friends at Frio in Vestavia. I had the chicken, spinach, tomato quesadilla (on whole wheat tortilla). It also had some mozzarella cheese on it as well and was served with a side salad and black beans. I ate a few bites of the beans and all of the salad plus 2/3 of the quesadilla (and one very light corona). No cake, I repeat, NO CAKE this time (but did get a few more presents-yay!). Total for dinner - Beer-105 cal, salad and beans-less 50 , quesadilla - I am guessing around 400-450 cal. No chips, no cheese dip, no sour cream.

So for those of you counting, my total is around 1700...all good ones except the beer!

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