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Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 19 FREE Fries and Coke

Am I Busted? Could I pass up free fries and a coke? I love fries...salty, hot, soft potatoes. What's not to love? So here is the deal. Buy a Hardee's Chicken tender pack and get a free coke and fries. I saw this ad and thought I would investigate further. The Hardee's website actually has a nutrition calculator where you pick menu items and it does the math. I like that! So the free coke and fries will cost you 620 cals. If you add the tenders to that, your meal will be over 1000 calories. So while it may be a cheap meal, your glutes may pay the cost. I think we all know how I feel about the glutes (preserve at all cost). I passed on the Hardee's meal today. Your welcome medius, minimus, and maximus!

7:00 - oatmeal (200) water - water- 10:30 coffee (120) 11:00 grilled chicken on salad greens with fruit and avocado(400) water 3:30 trail mix (175) 6:00 scrambled eggs with a little cheese and spinach (350)

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