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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day Six (on day seven) - 80/20 RULE INVOKED!

OK so Saturday was a busy, busy day...getting in my early morning run (preparing for the Village 2 Village Run next Saturday)...sports practices...playdates...a dress for my middle one to wear to her first Bat know, typical Saturday for most of us! And then there is that birthday I had last week! No, it was not the big 5-0 like some one person would have led you to believe BUT one of my gifts was a spa day. So of course, I had to work it in as well! That being said (excuses, excuses), I did not plan my day well and did not eat exactly as I would have liked to...thus the 80/20 Rule! For those who don't remember, the 80/20 rule goes like this...80% of the time, try to eat as cleanly as possible knowing that 20% of the time you may or may not stick to that plan. Well, Saturday was definitely my 20 day. I started out ok-balance bar early, banana and cheese after run-but went downhill after that. I didn't continue to drink my water, didn't plan for lunch, and ended up eating another balance bar around 2 when I left for the spa. At the spa, had water (yay) but then a little champagne (boo) and snacked on some trail mix. Ok, so not too bad, you are thinking, but it goes more downhill after that. For dinner, I had grilled tuna, cheese risotto, green beans, and salad-a fabulous meal except for the cheese risotto. Still not that bad. But wait, dessert. And not just one dessert. Two (shared with friends)...chocolate lava cake and apple fritter with ice cream. Delicious! And of course, wine before, during, and after dinner. It was a wonderful day (including the morning chaos) and was topped off by a fabulous dinner with friends! BUT, it is not a day I can or should repeat on a regular basis. SO, back to the 80 of it!!! On a side note, I am like a proud grandmother with you bootcampers and get so excited when I see you out running, walking, etc (I swear, if I had a brag book of photos, I would probably be showing it around at parties!). So here it goes, a little recognition for those of you I saw working on your fitness in the 'hood!!!

*Evelyn G, Amy T, Aimee T, Claire T, Tracy J - running their 6 miler on Saturday (brutal hills and all)
*Amy R and friend, Linda P - power walking and working those hills on East Briarcliff
*Taylor D (and dog), Julie G - tearing up the sidewalks near Mtn Brook Pres
*Tracy J - doing those Jillian videos (love that self motivation)
*Lucia T - soccer training at MBE (with my daughter and multiple others) and not just coaching but doing the drills with them
*Pam A - enjoying time with her family doing the X Box Dance Party and getting in an awesome cardio workout as well

Ok, I am sure there are others...I just didn't see you this time but will be on the lookout for you!!!

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