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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Eight - Back to the 80!

Got up early and had coffee and a peanut butter bar (200 cal) around 6:30. Midmorning snack included a medium apple and a piece of cheese (50 cal for the cheese, 75 cal for the apple). I am drinking lots of water today (had around 40 ounces so far and no diet coke if you can believe it). For lunch, had a stir fry mixture of brown rice, a little bit of thin pasta, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, black beans and a little bit of chicken and egg. I am generously estimating 350 cals for this along with 50 more for the side of fruit. (so 400 total for lunch). Lunch was yummy and it should keep me satisfied for a while because of the fiber and protein in the veggies and meat. Still drinking water and will post snack and dinner later. On a side note, saw Aimee T and Emily F out power walking this am by Overton Park-Go Girls!!!

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  1. Just wanted to give an update.. I am loving the accountablity for what we eat!! I have lost 2 pounds since writing down what I eat and starting bootcamp. I am off to a good start of getting those 5 pounds off that I gained after my d&c. Just wanted to tell yall what a great idea yall have started. Have a great day!!